Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sirens of the war on terror

I went shopping in a San Francisco mall today. It was difficult to notice that this nation is at war. The amber alert of the terrorist warnings hardly kept people away from the ‘MEMORIAL DAY SALE!’ (Memorial Day seems to be the US equivalent of ANZAC day).

Isn’t it a bit inappropriate to degrade Memorial Day with a SALE!, I thought to myself? But on reflection, it’s probably completely appropriate. It is after all, the right for American’s to buy cheap consumer goods that their soldiers are fighting for. This is, ultimately what is driving the endless war. The war on the environment, the war on the Third World, and this so-called war on ‘terror’.

So while the people of Iraq and countless other countries experience the war amid the sirens of air raid warnings and ambulances, the citizens of the homeland scurry between the flashing sirens of the WALMART bargain trays. It’s a strange solidarity indeed.

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