Monday, June 07, 2004

I tried to turn what would normally have been a dark still shot into an action photo - expertly capturing the movement of my shaking hands on camera.

These two dudes are the online campaign managers with and - giving a workshop on online organising. Very inspiring stuff. They both identify as 'values based' rather than 'issue based' organisations. This means that they are highly responsive to the politics of the day - rather than developing long term programmes for change. Prime aim is to get George Bush out of office.

Moveon got 300,000 new supporters though one cyber action when they tried to air an anti George Bush ad on CBS TV. They are probably the two fastest growing protest groups around - if you havn't already, it is definitely worth checking out their websites!

They were speaking at a 3 day conference organised by planetwork - a non-profit techno geek organisation that advocates high tech networking to 'save the planet'. Check them out at
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Luther Blissett said...

One always has to be careful with online campaigning and organising that we 'keep it real', that is, relevant to real people in the real world. While working in Africa I heard a fellow aid worker exclaim that "you can't email water!". This is very true, although you can email the knowledge that allows people to build their own safe wells and other water supplies.

It's a simple fact that we have to remember that the people we are trying to help often don't have the same level of access that we do. In fact, very little of the world does, we are an extremely privelleged minority. If we can't make our campaigns relate to the real world, if we don't translate cyber action into real action than we are doing little more than using them as playthings in a game betweeb technocrats in the rarified atmosphere of the world's elite.

Excessive jargon has a similar alienating effect.